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Curtain Wall & Cladding Products

H-O fabricates gasketing and sealing components for curtain wall manufacturers and contractors worldwide. Our technical staff works closely with each client to produce accurate mockup and production parts. Orders are packaged for ease of identification and installation.
Custom Products: Email or call 860-379-9875 with your specifications and details for a quotation on custom parts:
Air Dams & Plugs
Minimize airflow through extruded framework. Die-cut from closed cell foams including Polyethylene, Neoprene, or ECH or Silicone for higher temperature applications.
Air & Weep Baffles
Minimze air infiltration while expelling moisture. Die-cut from Reticulated Foam in various porosities. Can be PVC coated for UV resistance.
Gaskets, Seals & Boots
Speed up assembly and reduce the need for silicone caulking. Die-cut from various materials including Polyethylene, EPDM, or silicone sheet, foam and sponge for higher temperature applications.
Standard Products: Click below for more information and/or to place an online order. Email or call 860-379-9875 for other products not shown below:
Very High
Bond Tapes

reduce fasteners
and welds
Glazing Tape
smplify assembly

Rubber, Vinyl, Silicone

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