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RV, Trailer, Truck and Automotive Aftermarket Applications

H-O's Products are widely used for sealing, soundproofing, joining panels and attaching trim to RV's, utility trailers, trucks and automotive aftermarket accessory applications.
NEW!  H-O Sup-R-Mount Very High Bond Tape and PVC Tapes facilitate screwless utility trailer construction. Watch our helpful How-To Videos and/or contact us for technical assistance.

Engineered Products: Email or call 860-379-9875 for a consultation and to receive free samples of the products below.
Flashes seams and penetrations in roofs, side panels, and under trim mouldings. Butyl stays pliable and self-seals around fasteners forming a long-term waterseal.

Adheres panels to reinforcing members and reduces the need for screws and rivets.

Speeds up assembly and reduces the need for messy silicone caulking under hinges, mouldings, and other hardware. Die-cut from various materials including EPDM, Neoprene and Polyethylene.

Standard Products: All products can be ordered online in the custom size you require. Email or call 860-379-9875 if you wish to discuss your particular application in more detail.
Gasket Tapes
& Glazng Tapes
Closed cell PVC, neoprene,
polyethylene, and more for
general gasketing/cushioning
Open cell polyurethane
air and moisture.
Cushioning &
Protective Pads 

Various materials to dampen
vibration, and for permanent
and temporary protection
between surfaces.

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