Supply Chain Notice

April 1, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

As many of you are aware, there have been many supply chain shortages worldwide.  We wanted to reach out to our customers to inform and prepare you for the next few months ahead.

It has been brought to our attention that a large portion of our vendors have significantly longer than normal material lead-times as well as unexpected material/shipping price increases.

Current lead times are as follows:

 Material  Estimated Lead Times
 15# and 25# PVC  12 weeks
 7# and 11# PVC  7 weeks
 Silicone Foams (BF1000, HT-800)  20 weeks
 Silicone Rubbers  3 weeks
 Rebonded Rubbers  16 weeks
 Sponge Rubber  16 weeks
 Solid Neoprene Rubber Sheet  3 weeks
 Vinyl Nitriles/SCE 41 Neo  3 weeks
 T2040/Polyurethane based products  7 weeks
 Polyether/Polyester Polypropylene  5-6 weeks
 ClipFoam  5-6 weeks

We strongly advise you to place your purchase orders and blanket purchase orders well in advance, according to the material lead times listed above.  Please note any instructions, such as “ship sooner” or “do not ship sooner” as we will try to honor those requests.

We will strive to hold our 2021 Pricing, however, prices will be subject to change as we receive further notice from our raw materials vendors. We will notify you at the time of order if your pricing has changed since 1/1/2021.

The H-O Products team felt it was best to take a proactive approach to this challenging situation and will continue to provide you with the best customer service and on time delivery that we always strive for.

We will reach out with any additional updates as we receive them.  Please feel free to contact Chana directly with questions – 860-379-9875 x 14.


Chris Olson