Standard and Custom Engineered Gaskets

H-O can die-cut custom gaskets from a wide variety of substrates and adhesives up to 12 x 24. Custom gaskets are inexpensive, easy to apply, and ensure consistent quality in your manufacturing operation. Our team has designed high-performance engineered gaskets for over 1,000 custom profiles. Let H-O Products work with you on designing custom gaskets with the material and adhesive that suits your project requirements. No more messy sealants. No clean-up. No more danger from harmful odors or chemicals. Contact us today for expert support about how to select the right engineered gaskets or to ask a question about our custom gasket capabilities.

Engineering Assistance

H-O Products offers a broad range of engineering services ranging from material evaluation and specification to product/component design recommendations.


Our standard and custom engineered pads, tapes and gaskets are manufactured to improve performance and efficiency, helping our customers optimize costs and increase productivity.

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Resource Library

From foam and rubber to polymeric and composite knowledge, you can count on our expertise to provide you with a complete product system, along with the technical support and advice you need to succeed.

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