Setting Blocks


Our setting blocks are typically made from:

70 Durometer Commercial Grade Solid Neoprene 
80 Durometer Commercial Grade Solid Neoprene 
70 Durometer Industrial Grade Neoprene 
80 Durometer Industrial Grade Neoprene 
80 Durometer Solid PVC with Plasticizer Block Film 1/8" 
80 Durometer Solid PVC with Plasticizer Block Film 1/16" 

If you’re looking for a different material, we are able to provide other options by special request.

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, dxf, dwg

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Setting blocks are used as shims/spacers inside the glazing pocket of windows, doors and curtain walls/store fronts to separate the glass, typically an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) from the walls of the glazing pocket. The setting blocks are placed between the edge of the IGU (or monolithic glass, if not IGU) and the edge of the glazing pocket to act essentially as a “shock absorber” of sorts to prevent any movement, such as expansion and contraction of the glazing pocket from damaging the IGU, or monolithic glass in a single glazed design.

Setting blocks are typically made from a “hard rubber”, usually 70 or 80 Durometer commercial grade neoprene rubber, EPDM or solid silicone rubber. H-O Products manufactures the full range of setting blocks, but we do not offer glazing shims, those are typically manufactured by plastic molding companies. H-O Products can custom make setting blocks from any of the substrates mentioned above, with or without adhesive. If a special profile, such as a “U” channel or trapezoidal shape is required, H-O Products can also provide that shape, made to whatever profile is required, with or without adhesive. In this case, we will require a part drawing, so we can be sure we quote the exact profile required.

Packaging and put-up for setting blocks vary. For simple, non-adhesive setting blocks, these will be bulk packaged, typically in a 6” x 14” x 14” corrugated box, with as many setting blocks as can be packed into that carton. For setting blocks with adhesive, in the thinner gaiges such as 1/32”, 1/16” and 1/8” we can put those up on rolls, kiss-cut for easy removal and application. For the thicker gauges, 3/16” and up, we will typically cut these parts loose, bulk pack the same as the non-adhesive setting blocks. Setting blocks with special profiles are always cut loose, bulk packed, similar to non-adhesive setting blocks.


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